Most people call me Maddie.

I'm a Toronto-based photographer who specializes in event photography. I fell in love with cameras in high school, and brought one wherever I went. What started out as a hobby while going to concerts or parties, quickly became a passion for capturing special moments.

I was born and raised in Toronto and I have a serious love for my city, but I've taken every opportunity to travel - most notably, living in London, England for two years, and being the event photographer for one of the city's most popular venues. I had the chance to shoot bands like The Tragically Hip, Chvrches and Yellowcard there.

When everyone around me started getting married, they started asking me to shoot their weddings. I got to develop a special view of working weddings, as both the guest and the photographer. I understand of what outcome the family is looking for, while being able to make the final product unique and personal to the couple.

  • Tools: Canon Rebel Series
  • Portrait Bookings: Family, Headshots, Pets, Engagement Shoots, Baby Announcements 
  • Event Bookings: Weddings, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Galas, Anniversary Parties, Birthday Parties, Performances